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Science/Outdoor Club Meeting

When: Tue, January 10 , 7:30am - 7:50am
Location: Room 205
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Welcome to our Accessibility Toolbar! 致力于包容性,澳门十大电子游戏大全的团队在教育网络 designed this 该功能专门用于增强学校和学区网站的用户体验. Whether you're 希望更改文本属性以提高可读性, adjust the screen's contrast and saturation for clearer visuals, or want an audio narration of content blocks, our toolbar is here to ensure a seamless and accessible experience for all users. 澳门十大电子游戏大全知道,每个人都以自己的方式与网络内容互动 unique 通过这个工具栏,澳门十大电子游戏大全的目标是满足各种各样的需求.

Activating the Accessibility Toolbar

Starting Up: Initially, the toolbar is in a disabled state. To enable it, simply click on the small 位于屏幕右下方的“辅助工具栏”图标. Upon clicking, a control panel will 从底部滑动,为您提供一系列用户友好的选项.

Hide Toolbar Option: 一旦你做出了你想要的调整,更喜欢不显眼的 view, you can click on the "Hide Toolbar" button. 这个动作导致控制面板向下滑动 disappear. “辅助工具栏”图标将显示一个绿色的复选标记, signaling that while hidden, the toolbar 功能仍然是活跃的,可以使用键盘快捷键操作.

Turning Off the Toolbar: 如果您决定要完全停用工具栏,请定位并 click on the "Turn off" button within the control panel. The control panel will slide away and the green checkmark on the “辅助工具栏”图标将被移除,表示工具栏已完全停用.

Reactivating the Toolbar: 即使在关闭工具栏之后,您也可以在任何时候通过 simply clicking the "accessibility toolbar" icon. 这将带回控制面板,允许您进行自定义 your experience once more.

Font Customizations

Font Style: 浏览不同的字体样式,找到一个最适合你的 reading experience. 使用键盘快捷键“1”在不同字体样式之间快速切换.

Font Size: Adjust the text size to your liking. Use the keyboard shortcut "2" to swiftly toggle between different font sizes.

Line Height: 修改行与行之间的间距以增强可读性. Use the keyboard shortcut "3" to increase or decrease the line height conveniently.

Text Alignment: Choose how you'd like your text to be aligned. By using the keyboard shortcut "4", you 可以毫不费力地在左、中、右对齐之间切换吗.

Visual Adjustments

澳门十大电子游戏大全的工具栏允许您通过调整对比度和饱和度来个性化您的视觉体验 levels. These 调整的目的是为了迎合广泛的视觉偏好:

Contrast Adjustments: 增强或减小文本和背景颜色之间的差异. This can be 特别对视力受损的用户有帮助,如弱视、色盲、年龄相关 macular 随着文字与其背景之间的差异越来越大,文字就会退化,或称为白内障 pronounced.

Saturation Modifications: Adjust the intensity of colors on the webpage. Modifying saturation can 对色觉缺陷或色盲的人有很大好处,因为它可以 certain hues 更容易辨认或减少颜色之间的混淆. This feature also supports those who experience visual discomfort from overly vibrant colors.

By tweaking these settings, 您可以确保内容表示与您的视觉舒适度相匹配, making the browsing experience both accessible and enjoyable.

Cursor Enhancements

通过激活“光标”功能,您可以修改和增强鼠标光标的可见性 better reading experience:

Enlarged Cursor: 点击“光标”按钮一次,鼠标光标将增大, making it easier to track on the screen.

Reading Bar: 再次点击“游标”按钮,进入“阅读条”." This feature 强调横跨整个浏览器窗口宽度的区域,仅覆盖几行文本, with shaded areas above and below to reduce distractions. 阅读吧对个人特别有益 with 挑战,如阅读障碍,视觉处理问题,或多动症,因为它有助于隔离文本和减少 visual 压力,使大文本块的导航更易于管理.

Audio Narration


Direct Text Highlighting: 选中你感兴趣的文本并按“r”键. The system will promptly read the selected text aloud.

Block Selector Feature: 通过点击指定的按钮激活“块选择器”. Once enabled, 当你将鼠标悬停时,系统会在内容块周围画一个矩形,从而在视觉上强调内容块. This gives a 清楚显示当前选择的内容块. To hear the content within this block, press "r". If 您希望在任何时候停止叙述,只需单击Escape按钮.

Enhanced Menu Navigation

To offer users an alternative, simplified navigation experience, our toolbar provides the "Enhanced Menu Navigation" feature. 控件中的专用按钮可以激活此功能 control panel or simply by pressing "m" on your keyboard.

Once activated:

Dialog Box Display: 一个对话框出现在网站的内容上,显示菜单项 enlarged format. 为了快速导航,每个菜单项都与一个唯一的数字配对.

Audio Assistance: 对于那些受益于听觉提示的人来说,按“r”键可以让系统 read out the menu items and their associated numbers aloud.

Intuitive Navigation: 用户可以通过键盘输入菜单项的编号 seamlessly explore deeper into submenus. 项目显示在相同的用户友好的方式,如果一个选择的项目 is 链接时,系统会立即将用户引导到相关的URL.

此功能可作为浏览网站的另一种方法, catering specifically to users who might 根据他们的个人喜好或需求,发现这种格式更舒适或更有效.

Keyboard-Only Operability

认识到不引人注目的浏览体验的重要性,澳门十大电子游戏大全的辅助工具栏已经 精心设计的功能,而不需要屏幕上的控制面板. By mastering the keyboard 快捷方式,用户可以无缝地参与工具栏的所有功能,让他们享受 original 网站设计和内容与最小的视觉干扰. This approach ensures that everyone can access the 增强的功能,同时保留网站的预期美学.

Thank you for using our Accessibility Toolbar. 澳门十大电子游戏大全希望本指南能帮助您浏览澳门十大电子游戏大全的网站 effortlessly. 如果您有任何反馈或需要进一步的帮助,请澳门十大电子游戏大全的 support team. 您的反馈有助于澳门十大电子游戏大全改进和更好地满足所有用户的需求. Enjoy your browsing experience!